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Road Trip
Posted by: rasauq on Aug 28, 2007 - 08:53 AM
Out of Town
So I got back from my road trip on Sunday night, about midnight. I think thats the longest drive I've ever done. Pictures of everything are in the gallery.
Started out from KW at about 11:30am on wednesday august 22. about a half hour later than i wanted to get going. turns out that didnt matter. as soon as i got going down the highway i got stuck in 10km/hr traffic. after finally merging onto the 401 and progressing up into cambridge i found out there were lighted lane merge signs. sounds like construction... but as i got up far enough to actually see what was going on, all i found was workers picking up the cones. it was all over. if only i would have left an hour later, i would have hit next no no traffic at all, and ended up getting to Toronto at the same time...

Got to Toronto, picked up Brian at his apartment building, and we headed out. Grabbed some quick McDonalds before hitting the highway. Tasty chicken sandwiches, better than normal.

The drive down the QEW wasnt too bad. Had a sticky spot near the Ford plant in Oakville, thats about it (i think). But thats all kinds of normal for that area.

Went to the border crossing at Queenston. Short line up too, was maybe only a dozen cars in front of us. Got up to the border crossing guard, he asked us the standard questions (like where we were going, who we were seeing, and why), inspected our drivers licences, and then told us we'd been randomly selected for an inspection! That was unexpected. So we pulled over to where they said, got out and sat in the room. The guy in there asked us some more questions (where we worked, how long, what we did there, couple other things). It only took about 10 minutes, and we were out.

Pulled up into a parking spot after that and opened the computer to check the map (i dont have a printer to print them off). And then, we were off. Jumped onto I-90, hit the first toll booth and got the ticket, and off driving. Stopped at the Angola rest area on the way. Didn't stay long.

Paid the toll of $2.60 at the state line, crossed into PA, and began the trek toward Ohio. On the way we saw some neat stuff. Saw a guy riding a motorcycle trike. Saw a tractor trailer car carrier with a Delorean on the back (and no other cars). Otherwise not too exciting.

Got to Matt's place pretty late, after 9 i think it was. usually a 5 or so hour drive, all said and done it was closer to 6.5 by the time we got there, with all the construction and other misc slowdowns.

Not much is open late in Akron. By the time we felt like running out to get something to eat it was already 10:30. Ended up just going to Taco Bell. After that we just watched some tv and went to bed. Matt reorganized his living room too when he got new furniture, put the tv in a better spot.

The next day was kinda fun. We drove about an hour northwest and visited a mall which had glow in the dark mini golf inside. That was pretty fun when the blacklights weren't screwing over my eyes. We had some ice cream in the mall before heading back. They had nice comfortable furniture for people to sit on at the mall too, stuff you would find in a nice living room (couches, chairs).

I cant remember what we did with the rest of the afternoon. Not much, i think. Later that evening we went out to a restaurant, some Irish-American place. Good food. Also ran by Target and picked up something for a friend, something you cant get up here apparently. Then we went back to matt's place and i played FFXI heh. It was dynamis night, and i actually wanted to go. It was full of death, as usual.

Friday morning i woke up a bit later than i really wanted to. We went out and had breakfast at Bob Evans. Mmmmm sausage gravy. Haven't had that since last time i went down. Went back to Matt's, finished packing, and headed out for Pennsylvania.

Driving the interstates is easy. Nice, easy driving. The state roads in PA however, not quite as nice. Damn place is full of so many hills... up and down, up and down, for 200 freaking miles!

Got to Altoona, found our hotel right away. Checked in, dropped stuff off, and headed out to State College to meet up with the friends and go have a drink. Why get a hotel in Altoona, an hour away? Well for one because all teh hotels in State College were booked solid a month in advance due to it being move-in weekend at the schools there, and two because it was 1/2 the price, which was probably also for the same reason.

Once in State College we went to Randy's (FnDragon) to meet up with everything. Met Loqiel, Skinner, FN and his wife Gillian, and Pitchshifter. Once we had people assembled we went to a nice local pub they know of. Even has a micro-brewery inside. Tried a couple different beers. Had some food too. They called up their old friend who lives nearby, Zeriel, and he joined us there too.

Went back to Randy's place for a while. Well, a little longer than i expected. We were there until 3am. People played Guitar Hero most of the night. Was quite funny to watch. I cant do rhythm games, so i didn't play. Watching Pitch play though was just amazing, hes the fucking man at that stuff.

Didn't get back to the hotel until about 4-4:30 am. ouch. I slept until about noon, i think. Brian was up far earlier, had gone out for coffee and breakfast, and come back before i was even awake. Once i had awakened we got back on the road to State College (yeah, spent a lot of time driving back and forth, but saved money due to the high prices of hotels in State College)

We just kinda hung out at Randy's most of the day. Played some video games, they broke out a game of Axis and Allies. That game never really ended, they had to just call it at the end of the night as no one had won. Went out for dinner at some point (or was it lunch?) to a chinese place that Zeriel knew. It was really good, and he knew the owner, which gave us a big discount.

We decided to head back just a LITTLE earlier this time, so it was more like 2 instead of 3-3:30 this time... Said goodbye to the people that were heading out the following morning, and headed back to the hotel.

Went back to State College one more time after checking out of the hotel and took Randy and Gillian out to breakfast. We drove north to some little town about 1/2 hr out and went to a nice breakfast place. The place was pretty busy but we only had to wait about 5 minutes once inside. Apparently the other places in this chain would have been even busier. Dropped them off at home after that, and it was time to head out.

Probably the single longest drive i've ever made. It was closing on 800km by the time i pulled into my driveway at midnight on Sunday night. I think we left around 2-2:30 in the afternoon. This time though i avoided the rolling foothills of Pennsylvania and took only interstates. I, however, did not quite get enough sleep the night before, and that made the driving hard. I had to stop hourly at rest areas to get out and walk around. Stopped at one place and bought some energy drinks too. They didnt help much.

The stop at the border was ok. Longer than going down though. Listened to the local border radio station and found the best one to go to with the shortest wait was the Peace Bridge. Took about 15-20 minutes to get through. Just some questions and nothing more crossing back into Canada.

The roads seemed to be going well at first, once in Canada, but then we hit some bad traffic. Should only take an hour to get from the border to Toronto but it was more like 2.5....

Dropped Brian off at home and went home. Was actually a nice easy drive home with little to no traffic problems.

A nice little trip, it was. I dont think i'll do a double destination again though, unless its at least a two week trip. It was a lot of driving inside a week. Probably close to 2500km, even though i didnt actually keep count. I was getting about 400-500km a tank (15gallon tank, as i found out) and i think i filled up 4-5 times total. Gas was still cheaper in the states though, i paid anywhere from $2.69 to $3 a gallon. thats $45USD a tank. It would be nearly $60CAD to fill up here at nearly $1/L.

Well i'm done rambling. You can see the pictures in the gallery. I got many good shots of stuff, and some crap ones. Had to delete some as they didnt turn out though.
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