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Cedar Point Vacation 2008
Posted by: rasauq on Jun 09, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Out of Town
I just got back from my weekend vacation to Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. Took a bunch of pictures, with a lot them are from the drive down, and the rest from the first day in the park.
We arrived Friday afternoon and got night passes (well, came with the room rental at Breakers Express) and met up with a friend of Ron's, Charlie, and went into the park. We rode a bunch of coasters, probably the best one first (Magnum XL-200). We stayed there until about 10pm, which is when the park closed, then headed back to Charlie's rented cottage for a bit. It was about a mile from where we were at the end. We went at a pretty fast clip too. Myself, not being used to such walking, ended up with some not so nice blisters from that day (stupid blisters). When we got back to the cottages we found that Ron's other friends had finally arrived at the other cottage (well, we knew before, text messages). We sat and hung out with them for a while before going back to the hotel.

Those little cottages, btw, are awesome. they sleep 6(!) but cost over $350/night. Unlike the hotel, however, they do not come with park passes even though they are right on park grounds. Stupid. But they DO come with their own fridge, bathroom, air conditioning, a small deck, and a little grill outside to cook things on. Next time, yeah, I want this. Just need to find enough people to share one. Charlie actually got boned due to the 5 other people who were gonna share his ALL backed out. But looking at that BMW he drives I would say that he isn't hurting for cash.

Saturday morning we got up and went back to the meet the friends at the cottages before heading into the park. For some reason we couldn't seem to get the latercomers in the second cottage out of bed to come to the park. Screw'm, we wanted to ride rides. So in we went, and rode coasters. It wasnt until after we had lunch that we discovered that the latecomers had been up drinking until stupidly late in the morning, at least 4:30, might have even been 6. Either way, we ended up riding (or sometimes not, in the case of Paul and I, stupid harnesses) more coasters before heading out.

After going back to the hotel for an hour or two we went out for dinner at a Japanese place inside the other hotel that is in the park called Tomo Hibachi (they serve both sushi and cooked food). They had one of those grills right at the table where the chef comes out and puts on a bit of a show while he cooks and entertains you. It was pricey, but it was pretty worth it. I had already had considerable to drink before we left the hotel, and even more at the restaurant (sake and soporo). Kind of unusual for me, but this was a rare occasion where I wasn't driving. Went back to the hotel for a bit and grabbed my cooler full of alcohol and went back to the cottages to hang out for the night. I think we only stayed until 1 or so. Which is good, cause my feet were killing me after the second day in the park. Stupid blisters.

Sunday morning we got up, checked out, and headed to Crackerbarrel for breakfast. We were joined by Matt, who had just driven up from Akron (after kind of short notice), and that was good. I wasn't able to eat much because of the night before, but what I did have was good (pecan pancakes).

Nice quiet drive back. Well, I think. I snoozed through most of it. We got stopped at the Canadian border though for a random inspection. The border guard poked around a bit in Paul's car for like 5 minutes, gave up, and we were off. They didn't even look at our ID's. Arrived home, Paul dropped me off first, watched some tv to rest my feet (stupid blisters) then hit the sack.
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