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Posted by: rasauq on Oct 10, 2009 - 01:33 PM
Out of Town
So i just got back from a trip to the UK. Went over there for work, but ended up doing a lot more than work :) (yes Paul, i actually WORKED while i was there too...). that being said, i didnt take any pictures of me working (mainly because its not allowed) but i DID take pictures of everything else :)

pictures are here

More story after the jump...

Before even leaving home, i was late. not my fault at least. the (the company arranged) car that came to pick me up to take me to the airport was a half hour late, apparently the other person who was also going to the airport had miscalculated and set their alarm clock wrong...

So i stayed in the company owned flat (aka condo) while i was there. it was pretty nice actually, i was kinda surprised at how modern it was. some things i noticed while there was that driving was not the only thing done backwards, all the light switches were upside down too. and on top of that, doors (like the ones at work) were all open-in instead of open-out. also, having the clothes washer in the kitchen was kind of weird. one nice thing is that it was about a 10 minute walk from work. one bad thing was that it was about a 10 minute walk from work.... which means they wouldn't give me a rental car :P

i landed on a Friday, kinda late at night. flight left Toronto in the morning, but a 7 hour flight plus a 5 hour time difference makes it 12 hours total, and there wasn't anything to do but pick up the keys at the office and head to the flat. didn't really go anywhere on the week, really didn't feel like it. was gonna go into London on Sunday to see some sights but even after getting ready i just didn't want to, so i didn't.

Worked Monday and Tuesday, then after work on Tuesday i headed out to a German bar in London called Zeitgiest (yeah that's right, a German bar in London, go figure) with some the guys from work. apparently they pick a different bar ever week and head out. they had a nice big beer menu, and we started working our way down it. also had some nice schnitzel there.

On the weekend i rented a car and went to see a ffxi friend who lives in Wales. after about a two (maybe 2.5) hour drive we met up at the Doctor Who Exhibit at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff. we also checked out the Cardiff visitors centre down by the bay. a fun time indeed. not a lot to do down there it seemed though... the Red Dragon Centre seemed to the focal point (it is a small indoor mall, has a half dozen places to eat, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and a casino in addition to the Doctor Who Exhibit). also walked over to the parliament building, had to back waaaay up to get a good picture of that. its huge. the one thing i didn't get a picture of was the guy who was showing me around, Kevin. damnit.

The next week was more work, and more not-work. as for the not-work, on Wednesday evening me and the guys from work headed to a Belgian place called Brugge in Richmond for dinner. Before going there though, we went to a small cocktail bar for drinks called B@1. it was two-for-one happy hour too, which was nice. they had an amazing banana drink that was basically a banana milkshake with banana liqueur and chocolate liqueur in it. once at Brugge i got to try some Octoberfest specials they had, some of which i liked and some i did not. Good food there too, had a venison sausage dish.

Ended up working an afternoon shift on Thursday, which ended at 23:00. Didn't bother trying to sleep before my flight, which left at 8:30 the next morning. at least, with that, i was nice and early for the flight. unfortunately i wasn't able to sleep a lot on the 7 hour long flight,, maybe for 1/2 if it if i was lucky... but when i got home, i crashed big time...
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