Sunday, March 02, 2003 - 4:29:48 PM
its done! wee! my keyboard now has lights in it. isnt it cool. here take a look.
click here if you want one big page with all the images together, otherwise click on the links below to bring up the image that goes with its description.

the generic before picture

here it is with the keys pulled off, under which i shall drill holes and put leds

the right hand side closeup, you can see some of the drill holes, and some of the ones where i thought i might like it :)

the left hand side closeup

the middle closeup

the leds, soldered the resistors, and placed in their holes

closeup of leds and resistors, keypad side

closeup of leds and resistors, middle

super closeup of leds and resistors

the first wire laid, the negative side as it were

and now the postive side, it takes a slightly different path

yay they work

damn they're bright

all done

the switch i put on the side so i can turn them off if i want