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01/30/2003 00:30-5
woot. modded my first mouse today. changed the LED in an optical mouse from red to blue! it looks so cool. people will be jealous. people will want me to do it to their mouse :) (hey i got one request already!)

the requisite "before" picture
so heres the test subject. a nice little logitech optical USB mouse. (oem branded by aopen, but its a logitech)

the mouse all lit up with its red led
and heres the before picture, i know its a crappy pic but my camera doesnt work well in the dark and with a flash you cant even tell the led is lit up

the insides of the mouse all laid out
taking it apart was easy. finding all the pieces after it sprung open and they went all over the floor was hard.

the main circuit board of the mouse
heres the main board. all that needed to be done was to lift the metal clip, remove the plastic holder, desolder the led, solder in a new one and put the plastic thing and the clip back on. very easy.

the mouse all lit up with its new blue led
and WEEE! in all its glory with its new blue led :) the led was $3.60cnd, reasonably cheap mod for a less than $20 mouse :)